AVA Chemicals Pvt Ltd

EDTA Ammoniated

We are the trusted Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of excellent quality and pure EDTA Ammoniated. It is a white colored powder that is insoluble in water. It is a Sequestering agent used in different industries like textile, boiler turbine scale removal, etc. Our EDTA Ammoniated is a homogeneous and non-flammable substance. It is neutralized by alkali metal hydroxides to form a series of water soluble salts containing from 1 - 4 alkali metal cations. It is used as an organic chelating agent. We make available bulk quantities of EDTA Ammoniated in quality packing and at reasonable rates.

Its other uses include the following :
  • As a Micro-nutrient for Plant Growth, Water Treatment, Laboratory Reagent, Food &Beverages, Cosmetics, Soaps & Detergents, etc.
  • As a Sequestering Agent, used in various Industries such as Pharmaceutical, Photography, Textile, Boiler Turbine scale removal, Agriculture.
  • As an antidote for metal poisoning
  • As an ingredient for removing magnetite scale, that can be formed in heat exchangers of power stations or in heating circuits.
  • As an ingredient for removing unwanted inorganic impurities present in the system, which helps in getting superior performance & cost saving.
  • As an ingredient for softening of water and dissolution of scales caused by water hardness / boiler cleaning
  • As an ingredient that sequesters undesirable metal ions in cleaner formulations and thus increases their effectiveness