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Sodium Citrate

Another variety that we bring to our valued patrons is Sodium Citrate! Available with us in different ratings and grades, our Citrate has no match in the market. From Maharashtra, India, we are furnishing varied demands of the buyers, all over the world. Buyers are required only to place orders, timely deliveries will be straight to your doorstep!



  • Sodium citrate gets used in a many different places in food and beverage manufacture, though it's mainly used as a food additive for flavor and / or as a preservative.
  • Soft drinks, energy drinks, and club soda all use sodium citrate for its tart flavour.
  • Sodium citrate is also used as a pH buffering agent in places like gelatins or mini milk containers.
  • It is also used as an anti-coagulant, sodium citrate is ideal for keeping the fat globules from sticking together in the manufacture of many things such as ice cream.


Other Information:

  • Category  : Non Hazardous
  • Reach Registration  : No
  • MSDS  : Available on request

Additional Information

Packaging Details 25 kg PP bag with LDPE liner inside / 500 kg and 1000 kg Jumbo bag.


Product Name Sodium Citrate
Formula C6H5Na3O7.2(H2O)
CAS Nos.


Molecular Weight 294.12
Appearance Colourless Crystalline Powder
Assay 99.00 % ( +/-1)
pH 8.0
Free Alkali (as NAOH) NMT 0.05 %
Chloride NMT 0.005 %
Sulphates NMT 0.005 %
Heavy Metals ( as PB ) NMT 0.002 %